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My Manifesto

· Leadership,Artist

I now wake up every morning to the quote "[t]he gift you bring is the work you will produce."[1] As I make my bed, I drink my coffee, and I prepare for the day, I am saying this phrase.[2] 

The gift you bring is the work you will produce.[3]

I think about this from three different assertions as it pertains to my work and my projects:

  1. I think life is a series of small wins.
  2. I think our mindset dictates those wins.
  3. I think production drives a winning streak.

How did I come to these assertions? Let me try with an example because I think my approach will work for any project and I believe there are only two real stages to any project:

  • Start
  • Finish

You correctly read that; “Start” and “Finish” are the only stages to any project. Over time you will have to decide when it is or is not a good use of your time to start or continue to produce your work.

For you to decide whether or not to start or continue will not be an easy task because you will be fighting with your Resistance.[4] But as a professional, you have been diligently working to have self-control, self-discipline, and self-awareness to know when it is time for you to move on.

To finish is a wonderful thing. You have now completed and produced what you have set out to accomplish. You have battled with your Resistance, but you have been able to work until the project was completed.

The first item you finish, such as making your bed, unconsciously triggers you to have a small win. That win develops and dictates your mindset to push you to take on the challenge of another project or piece of work that you need to complete. Every time that you produce a new body of work or complete a project in a streak you reward yourself through that winning streak. You now have taken one step closer to accessing your full potential. You have now engaged in the power of forward motion.

[1] Steven Pressfield, The Artist’s Journey (Black Irish Entertainment LLC) (2018).

[2] I am using the phrase and connecting with the word ‘mantra’ from a conversation I had earlier this week with a friend. I think having a phrase helps get your mind in a good place and helps you breathe the way your body needs you to exhale.

[3] Pressfield, supra

[4] Steven Pressfield, The War of Art (Black Irish Entertainment LLC) (2002). In this book, Steven discusses the battle you have with “Resistance.” You tend to walk away when things become difficult. I highly recommend reading this book.