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    Changing the behavior of people isn’t just the biggest challenge, it’s the most important challenge for businesses trying to compete in a turbulent world.

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    I'm Josh Jackson, an innovator focused on educating and scaling artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in a responsible and ethical way.


    I am a founding board member of the The AI Association helping represent the industry to educate and to advocate in Washington D.C. I am a Senior
    Associate at Rackspace Government Solutions helping organizations meet regulatory and compliance needs.


    I teach Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business and AI Business Strategy at Carthage College, and AI Strategy of Business at Linfield University.


    Previously, I worked with groups like Johns Hopkins SIAS, 6clicks, Clio, altMBA, Skopos Labs, and Emory Law.



  • What others are saying...

    Josh is bright, motivated, and engaged in any task you put before him. I was so impressed by him that I invited him to co-author a law review article.

    ~Kamina Pinder, Emory University School of Law

    What others are saying...

    Because of Josh's generosity and because of his unique insights and communication skills, Josh has become a trusted colleague whose contributions are valued by my best clients. ~Beverly H. Esq.

    What others are saying...

    Josh is so smart. He listens first and then can articulate options in a simple, easy to understand way that I learn so much from him. He is an asset to the healthcare community.

    ~Margaret C. APN

    What others are saying...

    Josh pours himself into the project. He doesn't hold back and goes hard for the goal even when the goal changes. ~Gavin L.

    What others are saying...

    Josh is one of our amazing consultants helping lawyers and law firms navigate the current situation surrounding COVID-19, and has been incredibly helpful. ~Teresa M.

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